Welcome blues lovers!

We are a group of musicians that found each other in blues music. Every member brings a unique energy to the stage.

That reflects in a show that lifts you up with a joyful up-tempo shuffle and brings you back down with slow and soulful tunes.
Find us on Spotify or find out where our next gig is and come and celebrate the blues with us in dance and music!

The new BluesShack album, titled “Ten to Five,” is released on August 18th. 2023. We are very proud to announce the participation of Chad Strentz (UK) and Franck L Goldwasser (USA, France) in this album!

The album features original new songs as well as great songs by artists such as Jimmy Rogers, McCoy, Eric Bibb, and Roly Platt.

Chad Strentz (Paul Lamb and the King Snakes, The Chadilacs, to name a few of Chad’s bands) has written (!) one of the four original new songs on the album and has also sung a powerful duet with our vocalist, Loes Jongerling. We are thrilled that Franck, who has worked with renowned blues artists like Kim Wilson and Mark Hummel, added his slide guitar magic to the Jimmy Rogers classic “That’s Alright” on our album.

Chad Strentz

Franck L. Goldwasser

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