“As a big fan of Etta James, I couldn’t believe my ears at first”

(Rootsville, Aug ’23)


“BluesShack surprises with sophisticated arrangements and well-kept production”

(Music Magazine Guitarist, Aug ’23)


“Traditional blues are sung by an excellent singer, Loes Jongerling, who shows jazz influences in her singing as well”

(Music Maker, Sept-Oct ’23)


“The groove that Simon Bullock adds here on the blues harp is stunning”

(Rootstime. BE, Aug ’23)


“With the Jimmy Rogers cover ‘That’s Alright,’ BluesShack goes back in time more than seventy years, specifically to 1950. The lead role in this cover is given to guest musician Franck L. Goldwasser, aka Paris Slim, who leaves his mark on this cover with a magisterial slide guitar”

(Concert Monkey, Aug ’23)


“…That sudden voice reverberating through my speakers. Result: headphones on and amp up a few notches”

(Rootsville. eu, Aug ’23)


“From the first listen, the musical quality becomes evident. Singer Loes Jongerling connects with the sultry vocal timbre of soul and blues divas of yesteryears… promising future prospects for BluesShack.”

(Written In Music, August 2023)


“Sultry urban blues, with a nod to the jazz variant, delivered with great depth. This is the blues in the most literal sense of the word.”

(Lust For Life, September 2023)


“Loes Jongerling has an easily accessible, warm voice that captivates throughout the entire album, and this actually applies to the entire band. ‘Ten To Five’ is a surprising record, I would almost say a future classic.”

(Bluesbreeker, August 2023)

“Very powerful vocals by Loes Jongerling, who reminds me of a mix between Tineke Schoenmaker (Barrelhouse) and Beth Hart”

(Bluestown, ’21)


“A great album from a fine Dutch band”

(Barnowl Blues, ’21)


“Beautiful lead guitar by Wiechers in ‘Ain’t Nobody’s Business,’ among others, and Johansson’s piano in the latter track, as well as in Eddie Boyd’s ‘Be Careful’

(Eric Campfens, ’21)


“Another fine homegrown album”

(Peter Marinus, ’21)